Laurence Raybois is a consultant who specializes in assisting Americans wanting to live in France. She can help you make sense of the many visa options to find the one best suited to your personal and professional circumstances. Within this framework, her special interests include helping people whose profession is regulated in France, or those who wish to move to a French rural area. Once in a while, she is being asked to help with an unusual task, as was the case when she assisted a client wishing to bring his two parrots to France. She also regularly contacts French administrations on behalf of her American clients.

Laurence is a frequent speaker on the themes of Working and Living in France, Teaching English in France and Buying a Home in France, mostly through various chapters of the Alliance Française and the French American Chamber of Commerce. She is the author of Chez Moi: The Foreigner’s Guide to Buying a Home in France. Her love of the French countryside and her desire to make it easier for Americans interested in moving to a French rural area to do so brought her to start the resource site/blog

She can be reached at or (425) 246-9649 and an extensive list of her services can be found at


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It was a sincere pleasure working with Laurence to evaluate professional immigration options to France. She proved to be a very efficient and expert counsel with broad knowledge of the French visa process and employment sector. Her analysis and recommendations were spot on and was exactly what you'd want to see in a consultant. Laurence's breadth of knowledge and attention to detail make her an invaluable resouce for any American considering working in France.

- Erin Berard, client, 2009

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