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Chez Moi is a meticulously researched, up-to-date, and thorough guide that covers all aspects of buying a home or property in France. It is readable and entertaining, as Madame Raybois skillfully weaves among the technical detail, stories of typical French deeds and misdeeds in the pursuit of real estate.

Laurence discusses buying a home for rental income, characterizes different regions of France, lists professionals to aid you in finding the best value in real estate, and gently guides you through the bureaucratic minefield.

Chez Moi also covers estate planning—essential prior to purchase in France—insurance, and much, much more.

Don't consider buying a home in France without this comprehensive guide.

Chez Moi: The Foreigner's Guide To Buying A Home In France is unique in both presenting the process of buying in a simple step-by-step method, summarizing each chapter in a concise checklist, and never losing sight of the essential cultural considerations that only a French person could know. Who better, to talk about the "rude-aments" and the foibles?
The best book on buying a home in France is written by a French woman who lives in Provence and the Pacific Northwest.

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"Chez Moi: The Foreigner's Guide to Buying a Home in France". ISBN 0-9714267-0-8 $19.95, now with FREE shipping!

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About the author
Excerpts from the book

(in French newspaper)

• What and where to buy in France
• Alternative ways of buying real estate
• Renting your property for profit
• Avoiding common cultural mistakes
• Getting permits to develop or remodel as you wish
• How and when to use a real estate agent
• How and when to use an architect
• Avoiding and resolving problems between neighbors
• How and when to use a lawyer, huissier or notaire
• How to choose the right insurance
• Dealing with—and protecting yourself from—artisans
• Inheritance pitfalls