laurence raybois consulting is an experienced and effective company whose mission is to help Americans who want to live and work in France.


The following is a list of our most common services:

(if you are interested in living or working in a french rural area please visit

Finding suitable employment in France


Finding the optimal educational opportunities for children


Finding housing in France


Miscellaneous services

Over the years, we have helped clients with numerous aspects of moving to France. Recent assignments have included.


We encourage you to contact us and tell us what your needs are. If we feel that we can’t help you, we will say so and will refer you to another professional if appropriate.



The fees for our services are $120 per hour for the first hour, then $100 per hour thereafter; for returning clients the fee is $100 for the first hour, too. We do not require a minimum commitment, so amounts due for work lasting for less than an hour will be prorated accordingly.

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